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No Longer Tilting at Windmills

In June of 2019, New York State promulgated the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) which formalized a number of climate goals for the State including a goal that by 2050, greenhouse gas emission levels in the State, will be reduced by 85 percent when compared to the baseline year of 1990. To achieve this goal, the CLCPA identified a number of ambitious targets for the power sector; specifically requiring that by 2030, 70 percent of the State’s electricity must come from renewable energy sources. In line with this target, with potential implications for coastal residents, is the requirement that by 2035, at least 9,000 MW of electricity should come from offshore wind energy. This is a substantive increase over a prior goal of generating 2400 MW of power from wind by 2030.

Fire Island residents should be aware that on October 23, 2019, the Governor announced that the State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) had finalized contracts with two companies to provide approximately 1700 MW of offshore wind power which is enough to power up to 1 million homes. The two leasehold areas are depicted below or click here.

Information on the State’s Master Plan for offshore wind, various fact sheets, as well as information concerning various studies and resources both completed and ongoing relating to offshore wind impacts can be found here.

The offshore wind projects associated with the State Master Plan have been the subject of a Generic Environmental Impact Statement published in May 2018 (GEIS), and more recently in February, 2020, a Supplemental GEIS was published and approved by the PSC. The SGEIS was needed to an expected additional procurement of approximately 1,800 MW of offshore wind in the near term. These and other documents such as comments on these documents by various stakeholders can be found on the NYPSC website in PSC Case number 18-e-0071.

The timeline listed on this website suggests an approximate commissioning date of this first phase of the project (1700 MW) as 2024.
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