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Buckets on the Beach, an initiative started by VOBEC and the Lifeguards in the summer of 2022, was designed so all beachgoers could help maintain the cleanliness of the beach and to bring awareness of the importance of discarding their own trash. As sunbathers may see some garbage on their walks, all they have to do is pick up a bucket from the station on Cottage Walk, collect the debris and dump their findings in the larger bucket back at the station.

Last year, the bucket site had 6 buckets available for beachgoers to take on their strolls along the beach. Local and daily visitors were pleased with this option to help contribute to the cleanliness of the beach. According to the head lifeguard, Jill Weinstein, "The response was better than expected. We even saw people taking buckets to their own places on the beach to discard their own trash."

Plans for the summer of 2023 expanded this effort with stations on Bayberry Walk and Wilmot Road. These stations will be located on the beach side of the walks so more people can help keep the beach free of garbage. Thanks to the Lifeguards for this joint effort!

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