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The beach is our most precious resource, and healthy dunes help protect the beach by minimizing erosion. We are involved in an annual beach clean-up in association with the Ocean Conservancy. Every year, organizations across the globe take part in their International Coastal Cleanup to remove trash and debris from the world's beaches, identify the sources of that debris, and attempt to change the behaviors that allow it to reach the ocean in the first place. We have also had past involvement with an annual dune-planting project.
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Simple Ways to Protect Our Precious Beaches
  • Take care of your trash. Put recyclables where they belong.
  • Use fewer plastic products.
  • Be an ocean-friendly pet owner. Clean up after pets and never flush cat litter.
  • Reduce use of fertilizer. Fertilizer washes into waterways feeding algae blooms.
  • Stay off the dunes
  • Join an organization committed to preserving our beaches such and Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider or Oceana, to name a few.

VOBEC is a mayor-appointed commission whose purpose is to preserve and improve the quality of the natural and man-made environment within the Village in the face of population growth, urbanization, and technological change and their subsequent demands on natural resources. These areas of focus reflect this mission of maintaining and improving the quality of our life experience and our efforts to foster unified action on environmental problems.
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