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Welcome to the website of the Village of Ocean Beach Environmental Commission (VOBEC). The Incorporated Village of Ocean Beach is the unofficial capital of the half mile wide by 32 mile long barrier beach of Fire Island, just five miles south of Long Island, New York. Fire Island is a unique place. We are a summer resort, but we are also a national park, the Fire Island National Seashore. We have 17 communities, yet we also have long stretches of beautiful beaches, uninhabited wetlands and wilderness areas.

VOBEC hopes that you find our website useful in obtaining information on recycling, finding out about upcoming VOBEC events, glancing at our Fun Facts and tips on what you can do about the environment, and understanding the eco-system of our barrier island.

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New Tree Legislation

VOBEC is pleased to announce that the Village has adopted new legislation designed to protect trees in our Village. Chapter 144 of the Village Code - the Tree and Vegetation Protection Ordinance - regulates the removal of trees and vegetation in Public Places as well as on Private Property. For a full description of this essential new legislation take a look at the Tree Protection of the Areas of Focus Tab.
NEW Water Bottle Refilling Stations in Town

In addition to the water bottle refilling station by the lifeguard shack, two new water bottle refilling stations have been installed in town, one at the ferry terminal and another near the Community House. Avoid disposal water bottles and take advantage of one of Ocean Beach's newest sustainability initiatives.
Half Shells for Habitat is a Long Island-wide partnership that collects waste oyster shells from restaurants for the purpose of returning them to Long Island's estuarine waters through oyster restoration and other habitat improvement projects. Unfortunately, the shells of most oysters consumed on Long Island are thrown away and end up in landfills or incinerators. Few ever get back to the water to play their important role in the ecosystem. Through VOBEC's efforts, we are increasing that number: there are now Ocean Beach restaurants that will be contributing to this program in 2023. The next time you dine in Ocean Beach, ask your server about this program.

Check out Buckets on the Beach, located on the Cottage overpass — reusable bucket for you to take along on your morning walk and fill with trash along the way.
Environmental Awareness Day!
Our 18th Annual Environmental Awareness Day is scheduled for Sunday, July 28th at 11 AM at Windswept. Topic will be off-shore wind turbines. Our guest speakers are from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). They are: Morgan Brunbauer, the Marine Fisheries Manager for Offshore Wind; Sherryl Huber Senior Project Manager for Offshore Wind; and Janna Herndon, Project Manager of the Offshore Wind Team, who is focused on public outreach and education. They plan to discuss New York State's efforts to responsibly develop offshore wind energy as part of a broad transition to clean sources of electricity. Come learn about this important project and have your questions answered. Refreshments will be served. Contact us at for further information.

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