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Trees serve a vital function in our eco-system. In addition to providing shade, they replace carbon dioxide with oxygen and minimize erosion with their root system. The best way to have healthy, hardy trees is to have trees that are accustomed to this harsh environment.
» click here for our list of trees indigenous to Fire Island

In our efforts to maintain the advantages of having well-established trees, we facilitated passage of tree protection and anti-clear cutting legislation.
» click here to see the "Tree Legislation"

In 2006, as part of our mandate to maintain an inventory of vegetation, we created a "tree inventory" for Ocean Beach. We took photos of every block, thus documenting all the vegetation present at every street corner. We hope to have this information available soon so that you can see the difference between what was there in 2006 versus what is there now.
VOBEC is a mayor-appointed commission whose purpose is to preserve and improve the quality of the natural and man-made environment within the Village in the face of population growth, urbanization, and technological change and their subsequent demands on natural resources. These areas of focus reflect this mission of maintaining and improving the quality of our life experience and our efforts to foster unified action on environmental problems.
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